Build strength and flexibility of body & mind

Sun Salutations are an age-old form of practicing moving with your breath.

I encourage you to rest as you need to and take any modifications to address your needs.

The magic is in the journey, not the destination.

In this course you will learn:
  • the mechanics of sun salutations
  • 7 sequence variations
  • suggestions on how to modify and take care of yourself during your practice

This course prepares the mind and its expectations as well as the body.

It takes about 10 minutes a day - and you'll be amazed at the resilience and peace that comes from such a practice. 

Each lesson introduces a new sun salutation sequence and every other lesson you'll find an additional related lesson like:

  • How to keep track of so many in a row
  • Where your eyes should focus
  • What the significance of 108 sun salutations is 

This course is for you if you want to learn:

  • how to make sun salutations easier

  • why three-legged dog is NOT in Surya Namaskara sequences

  • why keeping your hands on the floor in ardha uttanasana is important

  • why bending your knees in uttanasana is key

  • what are the drishti locations and why is that important

  • how to modify to avoid so many chaturangas

Course Outline

  • 1


    • Learning to salute the sun

  • 2

    Sequence 1: "Half" Sun Salutes

    • Welcome to Sequence 1!

    • This Week We Practice "Half" Sun Salutations

    • How to do Half Sun Salutations

    • Audio Only - cueing a half sun salutation

    • Audio Only - ujjayi breath

    • Silent Video for Visualization

    • Practice Video - Week 1

    • Week 1 Quiz

  • 3

    How to keep track

    • Here's a key tip!

  • 4

    Sequence 2: Modified "A"

    • Welcome to Sequence 2!

    • First a little about Surya Namaskara A

    • How to do the Modified "A" Sequence (OPTION 1)

    • Audio for Option 1

    • Silent Video of Option 1

    • Why Hands Down?

    • How to do the Modified "A" Sequence (OPTION 2)

    • Audio for Option 2

    • Silent Video of Option 2

    • Practice Video - Week 2 - OPTION 1

    • Practice Video - Week 2 - OPTION 2 ("no hands")

    • Week 2 Quiz

  • 5

    Sequence 3: Surya Namaskara A

    • Welcome to Sequence 3!

    • How to do Surya Namaskara A

    • Optional Add-Ons to This Week's Practice

    • Audio Only - Surya Namaskara A

    • Silent Video for Visualization

    • Practice Video - Week 3

    • Week 3 Quiz

  • 6

    Where's Your Drishti?

    • Another tool to use

  • 7

    Sequence 4: Modified "B"

    • Welcome to Sequence 4!

    • First A Closer Look at Surya Namaskara B

    • How to Do Modified "B" Sequence

    • Audio Only - Modified "B" - Option 1

    • Audio Only - Modified "B" - Option 2

    • Silent Video for Visualization

    • Practice Video - Week 4

    • Week 4 Quiz

  • 8

    Sequence 5: Surya Namaskara B

    • Welcome to Sequence 5!

    • How to do Surya Namaskara B

    • About the Drishtis

    • About the Transitions

    • Audio for Surya Namaskara B

    • Silent Video of Surya Namaskara B

    • Practice Video Week 5

    • Week 5 Quiz

  • 9

    Why 108?

    • Here's some answers for you

  • 10

    Sequence 6: Basic Sun Salute

    • Welcome to Sequence 6!

    • How to do Basic Salutations

    • Audio of Basic Sun Salutation

    • Silent Video of Basic Sun Salutation

    • Practice Video - Week 6

  • 11

    Sequence 7: Moon Salutation variation

    • Welcome to Sequence 7!

    • How to do this Moon Salutation

    • Audio only - moon salutation variation

    • Silent Video of Moon Salutation

  • 12

    Before you go...

    • Your feedback is important



Mary Beth Ray

Mary Beth is a certified yoga teacher, holistic nutrition consultant, Functional Medicine and National Board-Certified Health & Wellness coach, and a member of International Association of Yoga Therapists. She began studying and practicing yoga in the early 1990s drawn deeply into the moving meditation and self-discovery of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system and more recently into the stillness and inquiry of Yin yoga. MB is certified as a Yoga for Osteoporosis teacher by Dr. Loren Fishman, MD and certified in Accessible Yoga by Jivana Heyman. She is currently in Yoga Therapist training at the Yoga Well Institute under the guidance of Chase Bossart, student of Mr. Desikachar. Through yoga and nutrition, MB helps folks understand and nourish their bones, and build stronger bones so they can enjoy a long life of mobility and functional independence. MB shares the exploration of the many facets of yoga and nutrition in an accessible manner to help you hone a more graceful engagement with your everyday life.