Let’s make the most out of practicing barefoot!

The fact is that a quarter of all the bones in our body are in our feet and the highest concentration of nerve endings (over 200,000) are in each foot! 

This means our feet are an extremely receptive component of the body, and yet we tend to keep them muffled in shoes most of the time, which dims the consciousness that our feet can provide us as we propel ourselves through life - exercising, dancing, walking, etc..


Let’s remove our shoes and take some time to work in our bare feet to exercise them, stretch them, and connect from our feet to our whole body.

In this course, we will work on increasing flexibility and strength in our feet and use the placement of feet in common yoga poses to practice being present with our feet exploring how that affects the foundation for our whole body (and mind!)

Focusing on fit and healthy feet supports our alignment, which, in turn, helps to create healthy knees, healthy hips, healthy back, healthy shoulders, etc..  

With Fit Feet we tune up our proprioception, the felt sense of our joint position in space, so that we can move more consciously throughout the day to balance and avoid falls.

We practice our yoga poses and finesse our alignment from our feet into the rest of the body, bearing weight and optimizing how we transmit forces throughout. 

And with this greater flexibility and strength in your feet we can prevent sprains and avoid, or work on healing, common foot problems.  

This course will support your ongoing study of yoga poses and, if you know you have low bone density, it will build on reducing your fracture risk.

All in all, creating a more aligned relationship to our body from our feet up provides a refuge for the mind as we feel at ease with a steady, reliable, and confident gait.

What's included

  • Foot Exercises

    Warm up foot exercises to bring greater mobility to the feet. You can do them anytime to give your feet some extra love and attention.

  • A Deeper Look at Your Feet

    Visualize what's going on in your feet and experience how they connect to the rest of your body.

  • Practice

    Using common yoga poses we'll see how our feet are integral to each pose - standing, seated, upside down, all around.



Mary Beth is a certified yoga teacher, holistic nutrition consultant, Functional Medicine and National Board-Certified Health & Wellness coach, and a member of International Association of Yoga Therapists. She began studying and practicing yoga in the early 1990s drawn deeply into the moving meditation and self-discovery of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system and more recently into the stillness and inquiry of Yin yoga. MB is certified as a Yoga for Osteoporosis teacher by Dr. Loren Fishman, MD and certified in Accessible Yoga by Jivana Heyman. She is currently in Yoga Therapist training at the Yoga Well Institute under the guidance of Chase Bossart, student of Mr. Desikachar and the Viniyoga lineage. Through yoga and nutrition, MB helps folks understand and nourish their bones, and build stronger bones so they can enjoy a long life of mobility and functional independence. MB shares the exploration of the many facets of yoga and nutrition in an accessible manner to help you hone a more graceful engagement with your everyday life.